Case Study


The Challenge

Visibility and Control

Headquartered in Paris, France, Mayence creates unique retail and point of sale experiences for brand owners such as Total, Elizabeth Arden, Monoprix and Sephora. The company combines in-country presence and a global supplier network with centralised services such as supplier management, procurement, and finance. Whilst this approach provides significant alignment with Client requirements, it also poses challenges in terms of gaining and maintaining visibility and control of local client needs with centralised management, billing, and reporting functions. To maintain their record of consistent growth, the management team recognised the need for a powerful online platform to automate specifying, supplier selection, ordering, delivery, invoicing, and reporting across the entire organisation. Not only did the required solution need to be easy to deploy to large numbers of clients and in country account teams for a wide range of services, but it also had to enable suppliers to respond to bid requests and manage quotations and orders in multiple languages, currencies, sales tax regimes and time zones. After a thorough evaluation of potential providers, Mayence selected Claritum.
The Solution

Monitor Performance in Real Time

Claritum has been deployed across Mayence’s local account teams, centralised operations, clients, and suppliers. The team’s collaborated to localise for specific market needs, customise to fit key client requirements and integrate across multiple client deployments of SAP. Clients and their agencies specify requirements and select products and services to order via branded storefronts, which are automatically routed to Mayence and out to suppliers dependent on pre-configured workflow rules and highly integrated workflow automation. Being able to specify and source complex projects including customised products and services, configurable products with custom messages alongside stocked products, monitor production and delivery all in a single, unified shopping process has revolutionised client experience. The platform helps order new materials, order stock items, customise products, track production, assure quality and approvals and enables online reporting across the entire supply chain. Claritum enables Mayence to monitor client side, operational and supply side performance in real time.

A Global View of Operations

By deploying Claritum across their pan-European businesses, Mayence have gained a valuable advantage in a highly competitive market. They now have a ‘global view’ in real time of local operations. This unique visibility and control mean that they can deliver higher service levels, better prices, shorter ‘time-to-market’ and improved quality for their globally recognised client base whilst protecting their margins as they continue to grow. For the first time they have the management information and analytics capabilities across every transaction in every country, service line and client.
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Happy Client

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