Claritum Products

Spec, bid & buy

Best practice buying made easy

We make it easy to specify requirements, request prices and compare bids in just a few clicks. Whether a single product or a more complex project with multiple parts and suppliers, Claritum ensures your team are buying effectively.

Specify single part requirements or multi-part projects from multiple suppliers

Create and publish structured RFx templates, specifications and processes

Evaluate competitive bids and pre-negotiated deals from qualified suppliers

Specification entry templates / structured questionnaires

Build and manage pricing tables for products and variants

Select pre manufactured and on demand, configurable and branded products

Buyer notifications of supplier responses

Track savings opportunities

Compare supplier pricing, products, variants, delivery and performance

Nominate supplier and one-click award bid to winning supplier

Global Cloud Platform

Claritum is built for scale and speed

Our enterprise platform provides a secure, resilient and scalable place to grow your business. We guarantee high availability.

Trusted Globally - Trusted by global brands to be always on!

Multi-Timezone - Works anywhere, any time.

Multi-Currency - Any currency with any supplier or any customer in any combination.

Multi-Language - For Customers, Supplier and Service Managers, 35 languages to choose from.

Access & Admin

Centrally control your extended team

With Claritum, you can build your team locally, nationally and globally. Collaborate with inhouse employees, clients, suppliers, partners and experts all within a single platform. Set access rights and granular role based permissions to align to performance goals.

Secure password access & single-sign on

Granular control over user role and permissions

Designate key user roles (eg super user, sales, estimators, order processing)

Create teams and groups (eg account teams, finance group, by location)

Create and manage multiple customers and contacts

Set rules and alerts (eg bid responses, quotes to customers)

Quick and easy to update and maintain

Create and manage flexible range of codes and allowable ranges

Complete activity audit trail

Optimise Inventory & Replenishments

Centrally Manage stock & replenishments

A single platform for managing pre-manufactured products in multiple locations. Optimise locally held stock and inventory held in a central hub. Track every goods receipt, movement, fulfillment and replenishment in a seamless process.

Single view of all stock at every location

Manage pre-manufactured commodities, made-to-order products, configurable products and personalised goods

Track orders online

Multi-line, multi-supplier requisitions in a single order

Streamline advanced shipment notices, receipting, put-aways, movements and fulfilment orders

Automatically route orders for fulfilment

Eliminate Invoicing Admin

Take control of your invoicing process

With a compliant order to pay process, your finance team have real time visibility of orders, approvals, deliveries and invoices for sales, internal re-charges as well as purchase invoice management. Automate supplier invoice matching, reconciliation and approval.

Visibility of every order, delivery, receipt and invoice

No touch supplier multi-line invoice receipting, matching and reconciliation

Fast cost allocation to ensure accurate posting for settlement

Set as internal recharge or external sales invoice

Control invoice date based on rules

Configurable to international tax jurisdictions

Flexible invoicing capability

Remote control of credit control (via third party finance platform)

Convert sales ledger record into invoice record

Set as internal recharge or external sales invoice

Reporting & Analytics

Real time reporting to make better decisions faster

Get real time visibility of every transaction to line item detail. Track every request, price, order, supplier, approval, delivery and invoice – anywhere in the world and in real time. Make more informed decisions faster with deep analytics capability.

Real time, line item reporting of your global spend

Get deeper insights into sourcing, procurement and invoicing

Tabular reports and graphical dashboards to bring your data to life

Comprehensive data feed into analytics to reveal deeper insights

Integrates with leading business intelligence tools

Cross Border

Localised for global commerce

Manage your customers and suppliers locally, nationally and globally. Localise user experience for language, currency, sales tax, time zones and everything you need to manage cross border transactions.

Provide customers with a shopping experience in their language and currency

Capture orders and aggregate demand from multiple countries

Convert sales orders and purchase orders into local currencies

Suppliers receive and process orders in their local language and currency

Consulting & Advisory

Consulting & Advisory, Managed Services

Maximise the value of your Claritum deployment. We work with leading consulting and advisory firms to enable our clients to maximise ROI, deliver cost savings and process improvements and to mitigate risks of automating tail spend.

Tail Spend Strategy

Spend Analysis

Advisory Services

Manage Services

Onboarding & Success

Onboarding, training, education & client success

Minimise the time to success, with an efficient onboarding process. We provide self-service, assisted and fully managed onboarding of your customer and suppliers, catalogues and workflow. We provide training on a train-the-trainer basis and ongoing user education.

Quick Implementations

Streamlined Data Onboarding

Easy Platform Configuration

Super User Training

Ongoing User Education


Integrate to automate your entire process

Connect Claritum with buy-side financial and procurement platforms and supply-side production and fulfilment workflow through comprehensive web services.

Published web services API

Buy side integration into user management, approvals workflow, procurement

Supply side integration into production, warehousing, logistics, ERP and finance

Single-Sign-On with SAP, Ariba, etc. ERP