Tail Spend Automation for Service Providers

Capture orders, aggregate demand and automate source-to-pay. Gain real time visibility and centralised control of every transaction.

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Customer Storefronts

Unique, intuitive shopping experiences for clients to specify requirements, get prices, place orders and receive goods. Capture orders and aggregate demand from clients locally, nationally and globally.

Service Desk

Streamline requisitions, sourcing, orders, inventory, and invoicing all in one place. Manage customers and suppliers. Get real time visibility and control of every purchase request, quote, order, delivery and invoice.

Supplier Management

Onboard and manage your suppliers. Automatically route requests, orders and payments to your approved suppliers. Reduce supplier admin and costs.

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Get Real Time Visibility

Claritum enables real time visibility of every request, quote, order, delivery and invoice to line item detail. Giving you instant transparency of buy-side and sell-side transactions to help you make better decisions faster.

Centralised Control

Bring more spend under management. Capture orders and aggregate demand from internal or external customers, and automate source-to-pay. Track performance and compliance all in one place. Get centralised control of your expenditure locally, nationally and globally.

Measurable Savings

Boost bottom line performance. Claritum delivers significant and measurable cost savings by making it easy to optimise specifications, improve competitive buying, leveraging volume based deals and reducing waste.

Improve Productivity

Free up 50% of your team’s time to do more productive work. Cut down on manual order taking, order processing, fulfilment, delivery, invoicing and reporting. Remove the need for manual intervention to release your team to do more with less.

Create More Value

Reduce procurement cycle times, improve sustainable sourcing, eliminate waste, hit supplier diversity goals, collaborate more with customers, suppliers and co-workers to create more value for your customers, your suppliers and your business.

Sustainable Sourcing

Monitor your suppliers carbon emissions and ESG reporting. Assess environmental cost alongside price, service and delivery. Comply with legislation and report on sustainablility across your clients and supply chain.

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