Claritum by Business Need

Real Time Spend Visibility

Claritum enables procurement and finance teams to get complete, real time transparency of every request, order, approval, delivery and invoice for every transaction across your business. Monitor line item for every transaction locally, nationally and globally.

Route orders to your manufacturing capabilities

Req to cheque transparency

Monitor spend in real time

Centralised Compliance & Control

Define best practice workflows, set spend limits and approvals, implement rules and tolerances to centrally control localised buying. Create user roles, team controls and enforce compliance for your organisation, customers, suppliers and partners. Keep track of every transaction with a detailed audit trail.

Set workflows and rules

Spend limits, approvals and controls

Full audit trail

Order Capture & Aggregation

Roll out branded storefronts make it easy for customers and employees to enjoy an intuitive online shopping experience. Capture requests and orders from multiple customers. Aggregate demand with buying windows, and route volume orders to pre-defined suppliers to leverage volume deals and supply agreements.

Provide an intuitive shopping experience

Capture orders and requests from multiple customers

Aggregate demand and routing

Order Process Automation

Eliminate manual intervention and automate the entire source-to-pay workflow. Set rules and tolerances to optimise process efficiencies and productivity. Monitor supply chain performance to remove blockages. Integrate sell-side and buy-side systems such as warehouse, logistics, procurement, ERP and finance.

Define order-to-pay workflows

Automate order routing to suppliers

Minimise manual intervention

Cost Savings

Deliver and track hard and soft cost savings and efficiencies across your entire workflow and supply chain. Realise specification improvements, leverage volume deals and competition, eliminate waste and inefficiencies. Accurately categorise savings reporting and lock-in savings through automation and workflow rules.

Generate hard and soft cost savings

Set baselines and measure cost reduction

Report and categorise savings