Claritum by Business Type

Inhouse Buying

For in house buying teams, Claritum enables you to do more with less. Capture requisitions and orders from internal customers and employees, reduce the time it takes to source prices and place orders with your suppliers. Monitor supplier performance, demonstrate the value your services bring to your organisation and integrate seamlessly with procurement and accounting software.

Capture requestions and orders

Manage internal stakeholders

Manage internal stakeholders

Procurement Process Outsourcing

For business process outsourcers (BPOs) and Procurement Service Providers, Claritum is the platform that drives revenues and margins. Demonstrate source-to-pay automation, differentiate your offering, grow share of client budgets, retain clients for longer and optimise productivity to deliver savings and maximise returns for shareholders.

Manage internal stakeholders

Manage external customers

Route orders to approved suppliers

International Sourcing Hubs

Eliminate the silos created by country specific ERP deployments. Create buying hubs of sourcing, procurement, buyers and supplier managers. Deploy storefronts to capture requisitions and orders from countries and business units. Automate order processing with local, regional or international suppliers.

Capture requisitions and orders

Manage international customers

Route orders to suppliers globally

Marketing Services

Claritum’s world leading source-to-pay platform streamlines the marketing, print, promotions and packaging for many global brands. For print managers, promotions companies and marketing services providers, Claritum is proven to help grow revenues and improve margins.

Manage print, promotional products and marketing goods

Source form approved vendors

Control brand reputation and deliver cost savings

Franchise Networks

Claritum enables franchisors to centrally manage their offering to franchise partners. Define welcome programs, branded signage and display for retailers, hospitality and mobile service providers. Provide catalogues of pre-approved products and services for call off and supply, manage pricing and margins all in one place.

Franchisor controls product and pricing

Franchisees can buy approved products and merchandise

Centralised control of controls, order volumes and re-charging