Claritum by Role



Increase revenues and improve margins

For leadership teams at service providers and procurement process outsourcers, Claritum is proven to increase revenues and improve margins. The platform provides real time visibility and centralised control of every specification, quote, price, order, shipment, invoice and payment. As a result, Claritum is a trusted provider to small, medium and large clients in over 35 languages.

Increase revenues

Improve Margins

Shorten sales cycles

Real time reporting

Sales & Revenues

Win more clients, grow revenues and retain clients for longer.

For sales and client success professionals with responsibility for revenues, we’ve got you covered. Claritum adds to your competitive advantage to win more clients, makes it easy to bring more spend under management, grow your share of client budgets and improves retention. Not only that, you’ll have the reporting and deep data analysis to evidence the savings, efficiencies and the value you deliver, with resultant margin opportunities.

Enhance competitive advantage

Win more business

Grow share of customer budgets

Retain clients for longer


Optimise source-to-pay automation

Claritum can transform operations, eliminate manual processing and deliver real time data to further optimise process automation. The cloud based platform can be deployed quickly to large numbers of users, is easy to use and can be adopted quickly. The platform automates the entire source-to-pay process for customers, service providers and suppliers.

Automate source-to-pay processes

Integrate with 3rd party systems

Real time monitoring

Improve productivity


Bring more spend under management

For Procurement professionals, Claritum delivers real time visibility and centralised control of your expenditure. Provide a single, best practice, source to pay process for your organisation locally, nationally or globally. Capture orders and aggregate demand from internal or third party customers, automate source-to-pay processes and approvals and route orders to pre-approved suppliers. The platform integrates with ERP, Procurement and Finance platforms and has the flexibility to manage a single category of spend, or your entire tail spend – all in one place.

Centralised control of local buying

Tail spend and category management

Significant, measurable and sustainable savings

Contract management and compliance

Buyers & Supplier Managers

Do more with less.

Claritum enables buying teams to capture customer requirements, specify single or multi-component sourcing events, compare prices from multiple suppliers, define price lists and volume discounts, provide quotations, capture approvals, route orders to single or multiple suppliers, track fulfilment, delivery and receipts and approve invoices for payments.

Request for Quote & configurable products

Set price lists and volume discounts

Onboard, segment and manage suppliers

Monitor supplier performance

AP & Finance

Minimise AP admin and improve budgeting

Claritum minimises admin for accounts payables and finance by providing accurate spend categorisation and line item transparency of every order, approvals, delivery, receipt and invoice for both buy-side and sell-side transactions or internal re-charges. Consolidate supplier invoices, automate approvals and 3 way matching, AP professionals can oversee large volume transactions and accurate cost allocations with minimal intervention.

Real time visibility of spending

Budgets and order approvals

3 way matches (PO + delivery + invoice)

Integrate into finance and accounting software

Inventory Managers

Streamline inventory, order fulfilment & replenishments

Manage goods-in, stock management, audits, order fulfilment and replenishments within a single, easy to use platform.

Streamlined goods-in

Powerful inventory management

Pick, pack and ship

Automate replenishments


Win more orders and grow your business

For suppliers, Claritum makes it easy to compete and win more orders. Set your own business profile, promote your company, get invited to more opportunities with pre-approved buyers from high quality clients. Receive bid requests straight to your inbox, define price lists and volume discounts, provide quotes, receive orders, ship goods, track invoices and payments – all in one platform.

Manage your profile to promote your business

Receive and respond to quote requests

Receive and process orders, shipments and invoices